Losing your hair can be itself a stressful and traumatic time and our goal is to help you during to find the best and most comfortable hair piece. Our wigs are of a very high standard in not only hair quality but also comfort and durability.

Situated 1 kilometre fromĀ Kildare village we have comfortable and private fitting rooms with front door parking for easy access.

Our Story

In 2005, Carmel Byrne (owner and operator of Karma Hair Solutions) experienced rapid hair loss, practically overnight. Carmel’s experience with various wig suppliers over this traumatic time was mixed to say the least but the common theme was a lack of compassion.

Carmel decided in 2013 to start her own wig supply business but with a huge emphasis on compassion and understanding as she too went through hair loss.

When I lost my own hair, it was a very traumatic experience. I immediately travelled to Dublin to purchase a wig and what I found was a poor selection to choose from.

After hours of trying on wigs, I eventually found one that not only looked well but fitted well. After a couple of days though I found my scalp becoming more and more irritable. When I contacted the store where I purchased the wig I was told that in 30 years of trading I was the first to ever complain of this and was dismissed.

In desperation I turned to the internet and found out that not only was my issue a common problem but there were several products on the market that could help. This is where my journey really started into the world of wigs and headwear.

It is a very traumatic experience for a woman to lose her hair and during this time compassion and sympathy are needed. My aim is to not only provide a good selection of wigs and headwear at a reasonable price but to also ensure you are guided properly through the selection process and made feel more comfortable.

I have completed courses in colour analysis in order to assist you in choosing a wig style and colour that most complements your face shape and colouring. I can also trim the wig to exactly meet your requirements.

Should you decide a wig is not for you, I carry a selection of cotton bandannas for day wear and some stylish scarves and accessories for evening wear.

I also provide a wig cleaning service if required. I can also trim hair once regrowth starts.